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Improving the four basic language skills “Listening”, “Speaking”, “Reading” and “Writing” Through:

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Learn Arabic : Elementary Level Arabic

The beginning level is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Arabic, students at the elementary level study “Noor Albyan” to help them know the “Arabic Alphabet” and “Simple Arabic Words”, read and write it correctly.

Students at the elementary level are introduced to the Arabic language in general.

Learn Arabic : High Elementary Arabic

Students can write words and sentences accurately, produce sentences used in daily life situations, you will be introduced to vocabulary, form questions and respond them, use words to identify objects, learn about greetings, introductions, social life and activities.

Learn Arabic : Intermediate Arabic

Students at this level have a broader range of vocabulary, more fluency in speaking and more advanced skills in Arabic than students at “The High Elementary Arabic Level”.

This level is characterized by extensive readings and discussions on a multitude of social, cultural and literary topics. Writing assignments are geared toward stylistic and aesthetic aspects of “The Arabic Language”.

Learn Arabic : Advanced Arabic

Students accepted at this level are expected to have mastered language mechanics and possess the intermediate level of proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. The course is designed to enable students to attain solid, advanced level proficiency or higher in the various language skills.

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