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First Level

Learn Quran : Nourani Qaedah​

This level is suitable for the beginners

It starts with the Arabic alphabet and gradient to reach the most complex words in the Quran through studying the signs. “Attanween” , “Assokon”, “Almodood”, “Ashadah” and most of the Tajweed rules practically.
By the end of this level you become able to read Quran correctly in shaa Allah.

The first level (B)

Learn Quran : Noor Albyan Course

Noor Albyan is another unique way for teaching Arabic language and it follows similar way like Nourani Qaedah but with extra exercises on every lesson that makes it more suitable for kids
The duration of the course depends on the age of the student and his/her previous knowledge of the Arabic language.

The second level

Learn Quran : Tajweed and Recitation

After finishing your study for one of the previous courses (Nourani Qaedah or Noor Albayan) you will be able to recite the Holy Quran correctly but you may have Tajweed mistakes as you lack knowledge of some Tajweed rules that you did not study them at the first level or you studied them but not in details.
In this case, you need to join the second level in which you study the Tajweed rules theoretically and practically from A to Z.
By the end of this level, you master the Quran recitation with Tajweed.

The second level (B)

Learn Quran :The Quran Recitation (Khatmat Attelawah )

You will recite the entire Quran, starting from surah Al-Fatiha and ending with surah Al-Nas, alongside your sheikh.

During this recitation, your sheikh will listen attentively and provide guidance to help you correct any mistakes you may make.

The third level

Learn Quran : Quran Memorization

Now and after mastering the Quran recitation with tajweed you can start your journey with the Quran memorization by heart
At this level you will not only memorize the Quran but also you will go deeper into it, understand every word, realize the goal of every surah, its events and reasons .

The Fourth level

Learn Quran : Ijazah and Ten Qeraat

Now that God has honored you with the ability to memorize the Quran, it is time to pursue the next step which is obtaining the license (Ijazah) in the Holy Quran.

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