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Children here in America are in need of learning their religion

May Allah make your work weigh heavily in your favor on the Day of Judgment, as the actions you perform are among the greatest deeds, especially since the children here in America are in need of learning their religion.

Nahla Ahmed

One of the best respected and dedicated schools

MashaAllah, blessed be Allah. One of the best respected and dedicated schools in fulfilling its duties and conveying the message of Allah and His knowledge. Thank you, and may Allah reward you with the best.


Thanks to all the staff

Indeed, all respect and appreciation for you are very respectful people. Dealing with the utmost politeness, understanding the difference in appointments, and very understanding for all children. Thanks to all the staff and a special thanks to Mr. Ahmed

Gihan Elkasher
USA, New Jersey

Highly Recommend "Quran Lovers"

I highly recommend learning through the “Quran Lovers” website. The teachers are very respectful and have different ways to attract the attention of children. I would like to thank all those who are involved in teaching children the Quran and Arabic language. May Allah reward them all. Thank you all

Samar Mohammed
USA, New York

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