Basma Sayed

Quran, Arabic and Islamic Teacher
  • Female
  • Egypt

Basma Sayed’s Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, majoring in English language, with a Very Good grade.
  • Completed the Zad program for Islamic studies.
  • Completed the Taj Al-Kiramah program for Quranic sciences.
  • Certified in Noor Al-Bayan.
  • Certified in Sharh Al-Arba’een Al-Isriyah from the Islamic University of America.
  • Completed training in Noorani Qaida in both Arabic and English.
  • Attended the Fathiyyah Nooraniyah course.
  • Completed a course in Tajweed in both Arabic and English.
  • Completed a course in the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad by Dr. Hazem Shouman.
  • Completed a course in explaining the book “Because You Are Allah” by Dr. Alaa Hamed.
  • Attended a course in correcting Quranic recitation in English by Ahmed Monir.
  • Attended a course in how to manage the classroom for non-native Arabic speakers.

Basma Sayed’s Work Experience

  • Quran, Arabic, and Islamic education teacher for non-native Arabic speakers.
  • Taught approximately 25 students.

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