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Very Good Academy

The academy is very good, and the teacher Ms.Israa, is patient, polite and delivers the information easily, Masha’Allah.

Talin Mahmoud's Mother
7 years old
USA, California

There's Nothing Better Than This

Mashallah, there’s nothing better than this. May God reward you all with good. Ms.Israa, may God reward her with the best, I couldn’t find anyone better than her, and God willing. I will continue with her until we finish reading the Quran.

Marwa Salah Marwan
USA, New York

The Academy is Excellent

The academy is excellent overall and Ms.Israa is excellent in particular.

Zyad Ahmed Emam
14 years old
USA, New Jersey

The academy is excellent and Ms.Israa is excellent.

ِAser Ahmed Emam
12 years old
USA, New Jersey

I Appreciate Them All

Durrah is with Ms.Yasmin Mahmoud and truly, may God bless her for being patient and able to deal with the girl. May God reward her with goodness. Of course, she is very smart and my daughter memorizes with her. Thank God. The academy is very organized and everyone I dealt with was extremely respectful. I appreciate them all. May God bless them.

Durrah Mohammed's Mother
5 years old

Love Attending Class Every Week.

The academy is excellent, and the administration is responsive quickly. The website is good and easy to use and refer to when needed.

Ms. Yasmin, is excellent, and her dealing with the student is smooth, flexible, and very kind. She is patient and can handle the student when feeling that the lesson is long, difficult, or boring for a four-year-old child. Her communication with the parents is also excellent. In short, she is an excellent teacher, and my daughter loves her and responds to her easily and with pleasure. She loves attending class with her every week.

Diala Walid's Mother
4 years old
USA, Michigan

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