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Excellent Experience

Excellent experience with the management and teachers who are patient, especially with 5-year-old children. Ms. Basma is very excellent, knowledgeable, and Mr.Islam, may Allah reward you. One last thing, in my opinion, the fees are reasonable, especially if there is more than one child.

Manahil Farah
Canada, Alberta

Excellent Arabic Learning

It is a very beautiful institution for Quran memorization and excellent Arabic learning. Mashallah, my daughter has started reading and writing Arabic, even though we have only been with them for a month and a half. Ms. Esraa is very patient, polite, and her teaching method is excellent.

Rana Morsee
USA, California

One of The Best Online Places

One of the best online places where you can learn or teach your children Quran and Arabic language. The teachers and administration, may Allah reward them, are excellent.

Fatimah Abdelrhman

Truly Excellent

I have dealt with them and they are truly excellent. My daughters loved the school very much. They are extremely organized. I am very happy that I made this decision. The price is really as they have stated, meaning it is very reasonable for anyone living here. May Allah bless them, really.

I also forgot to mention something very important. My daughters are 6 and 7 years old and they don’t speak Arabic at all, but thank God the teacher is proficient in the English language and communicates with them very well

Heba Jaouni
USA, Maryland

Highly Recommend "Quran Lovers"

I highly recommend learning through the “Quran Lovers” website. The teachers are very respectful and have different ways to attract the attention of children. I would like to thank all those who are involved in teaching children the Quran and Arabic language. May Allah reward them all. Thank you all

Sara Akl
USA, New Jersey

The Academy is Excellent

The academy is excellent. Communication, problem-solving speed, error correction, and continuous development are evidence of accuracy and attention. Ms.Heba is more than excellent, her approach is very nice and well-accepted by children. May Allah reward you all with goodness.

Eman Elbana
Parent "has 3 children at Academy"
USA, Virginia

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